K&S is technical advisor for a danish investor group for a purchase of a bunch of photovoltaic power plants in Denmark

29. Jan 2016

The K&S Ingenieurpartnerschaft Krug & Schram (München), a technical advisor for renewable energy projects, has technically supported the danish investor group Better Energy Invest A/S in the purchase process for the solar parks Horlsunde, Købelev and Nakskov. The photovoltaik power plants with a total power of 20 MWp are located on the danish baltic island Lolland, near the city of Nakskov.

K&S Ingenieurpartnerschaft Krug & Schram has supported with technical know-how for the technical due diligence and the final acceptance tests. Better Energy Invest A/S is an independent power producer (IPP) for renewable energies. The company concentrates on the purchase and operation of photovoltaic and wind power plants in Germany, Denmark and other european countries.

The project team of K&S was lead by the owners of K&S Dr.-Ing. Florian Krug and Dipl.-Ing. Christian Schram. The K&S Ingenieurpartnerschaft Krug & Schram is involved in renewable energy projects in multi megawatt scale in countries like Germany, Denmark, Japan, France, UK, Italia, Spain and Poland.